A Beginners Guide to Selecting Perfect Coffee

9Ah! Coffee. There is no other love like the love for Coffee. The humble-looking coffee bean boasts a coterie like no other beverage. The love for coffee knows no boundaries. For centuries, like-minded patrons have been bonding over a coffee table in coffee houses. The rich heritage of coffee has witnessed coffee lovers across the world going that extra mile to ensure that they pick up the best quality coffee beans available to mankind.

Luckily, times have changed and coffee lovers have a plethora of options to choose their pick from. With the advent of technology, one can just search “coffee near me” and get the rarest coffee beans delivered at their doorstep. Sometimes it can be tiresome to select that “perfect” bag of coffee that will transport you to the mountains in just one sip! Well, ‘Almost’ transport you. You know what we mean, right!

Here are some tips that can help you pick the best coffee that suits your preferences:

  1. Date of Roasting Coffee tastes best when you consume it within a month from the date of roasting. Make sure you check the label for “Roasted on” date, to ensure that’s the coffee is high quality and fresh.

Pro Tip: Always buy coffee from trusted brand of coffee roasters who ensure that the coffee is packaged appropriately to preserve the taste and aroma.

2. Roast Levels -The extent to which the coffee bean is roasted plays an important role in selecting the best coffee bean according to your taste. Lightly roasted beans have higher caffeine levels and acidity. As the roasts get darker, the caffeine levels decrease and the coffee bean acquires a certain flavor from the roasting process.

In simple words, the original flavor of coffee beans is retained in the lightly roasted   beans whereas the darker beans possess undertones of an acquired taste.


3. Single origin or Blend – Confused about which one to choose? Here’s how to know your pick.

Single Origin Coffee beans that come from a common coffee estate are considered to be of Single Origin. These beans share a uniform flavor profile.

Blend A blend is a fusion of coffee beans from various single origins. As a result of its popularity, roasters create blends from various varieties of coffee beans to provide a complex flavor to your cuppa coffee.

Pro Tip: In our opinion, both the selections are equally good. However, a coffee connoisseur would suggest you select “Single Origin” coffee beans if you like your coffee, Black. On the other hand, if you like your coffee to be well balanced in flavors with milk, sugar, and aroma, most likely, “Blend” would be your preferred choice.  

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Region- 4

Arabia & East Africa- Best suited for palates that love fruity undertones with a mildly sweet aftertaste. 

Asia- Select Asian coffee if you are a fan of bitter and richer flavor with earthy undertones.

Columbia- Low on sweetness. Floral undertones with a bittersweet aftertaste.

Central America- Opt for central American Coffee if you like your coffee nutty and chocolaty.

Indonesia- Ideal choice if you love your coffee with the hint of spices.


Parting thoughts… 

If you are someone who just needs a cup of your favorite Coffee to perk up your day, we assume that Coffee means the world to you.  We hope these tips help you to select the best coffee beans as per your taste. Now you are all set to hop on to Bean Commerce and order your preferred coffee bag! 

As a final tip, we would highly recommend grinding fresh coffee beans just when you are ready to enjoy your coffee. It’s believed that freshly ground coffee remains fresh for three minutes!  Relish your hot cuppa coffee to the fullest!

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