Coffee Basics – All You Need to Know About Coffee

Well, No surprises! There is no dearth of Coffee lovers in the world. Every day, millions of cups of Coffee get consumed across the globe. If you are someone who cannot imagine your day without your Coffee, we understand!

While most of us will be quite familiar with the latest trends in the world of coffee, but it’s always good to brush up on your basics. We have collated some amazing info especially for those coffee lovers who are just as intrigued by this delicious beverage as we. Read more for knowing your favorite beverage a little better!

Two Significant Types of Coffee


Coffea Canephora aka Coffea Robusta is popularly known as Robusta Coffee. It originates from central and western sub-Saharan Africa. It gets the name from the flowering plant species with the name family Rubiaceae.

Robusta signifies around 43% of global coffee production and the remainder accounts for another major coffee type named Arabica Coffee.

These two types of coffee beans might look similar but they possess several differences. The major differences between these two coffee types are flavor profiles, growing conditions, price, and caffeine content.

2. Arabica

Coffea Arabica or Arabica Coffee is another prevalent species of Coffee worldwide. Its origins date back to the 12th century and find its root in Ethiopia. It is said to be first cultivated in Yemen.

When it comes to popularity, Arabica beats Robusta hands down! It is popular mainly because of its taste that has a hint of fruity sweetness as compared to Robusta. If you are looking for a strong, bitter, and earthy flavor, then Robusta should be your pick.

Interestingly, Arabica has a lower caffeine content out of the two coffee types.

Commonly Used Coffee Terms

Let’s start with the basics:

Coffee is consumed in various forms across the world and all of us have our personal favorites. However, we all have tasted some of the following mentioned coffee forms at some point. These are some evergreen beverages that never seem to shy away from popularity.

  1. Black Coffee- This classic is an ode to morning bliss. This potion is simple to make by adding freshly ground plain coffee beans to hot water. No additional flavors, milk, or sugar.
  2. Decaf- Decaf coffee is made with coffee beans without caffeine. Coffee beans naturally contain caffeine and by certain roasting techniques, the caffeine can be removed from coffee beans. These beans are then used to make Decaf coffee.
  3. Espresso- Strong, syrupy, and foamy! Espresso is not only a flavorful beverage itself, it is a base for many other delicious drinks like Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Americano, etc.
  4. Brewed Coffee- There are many techniques of coffee making. Coffee is brewed by pouring hot water on freshly grounded coffee beans and allowing them to brew for some time. Commonly used terms for such techniques are French PressPour-Over, Drip Brewed Coffee, Filter Coffee, or just Coffee. Explore more about how to brew delicious coffee at home like a pro in our blog.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. There is a lot more to this heavenly beverage and this was just the tip of the iceberg to give you all a glimpse of coffee basics. Watch this space for more interesting information about your morning cup of nectar. Do let us know about some coffee trivia in the comments section below.

Until then, Stay Less-Stressed, Blessed & Coffee Obsessed!

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