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Irving Farm Amaro Gayo


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Irving Farm Amaro Gayo

Asnakech stands out as an independent female producer, mill operator and exporter in the male dominated Ethiopian coffee industry. She is committed to improving life in her community by creating sustainable jobs for women, raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, and providing access to health care for the women of Amaro.

Asnakech produces coffee from the Amaro Mountains of southwestern Ethiopia, separated from Yirgacheffe by a large desert. Here she employs 32 full-time staff and over 200 seasonal workers between September and March, with a large number of jobs being filled by women. Her mill works with over 500 registered farmers and maintains a high level of quality control over each small crop. This quality is especially important since Amaro Gayo is naturally processed and sun-dried on raised beds.

Ethiopia is a country where most farmers sell their lots to co-op washing stations who then sell the processed coffee to unions. Asnakech’s innovative production model created a venue for local farmers to sell their coffee outside the large unions. This brought attention to a region that was previously overlooked by the system.

Last year Asnakech’s mill burned down due to conflict in the region. Thankfully she has resumed production and we are delighted to once again offer this exceptional coffee, which is certified organic by Natural Food Certifiers.

We have been buying from Asnakech since 2012.

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