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Ritual Roasters ACE – Esperança: Rubi Natural

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Ritual Roasters ACE – Esperança: Rubi Natural

Ace is Ritual’s first true single-origin “Omni-roast.”

What’s that, you ask?

Well, historically we have developed roast profiles (let’s call them recipes) for each of our individual single-origin coffees based on the brew method associated with them, with most of the coffees geared toward filter roasts in our unique, lightly roasted, “let’s not get in the way of a good green coffee” style.

This means most of our coffees are roasted specifically for drip or pour-over brewing methods- with the notable exception of our seasonal espresso blend and our “Sweet Tooth” line of single-origin espresso. These coffees are expressly earmarked and developed for espresso preparation (pressurized hot water forced through the grounds.)

Being vastly different methods to prepare coffee, we haven’t been able to offer a single farm coffee that would perform amazingly as both a filter roast and an exceptional espresso – until now.

The lighter roasting style we’re known for often requires more care and precision during the brewing process, but we also realize that not everyone always has the time for that. This offering can be trusted to perform admirably no matter the method or level of precision – whether a scale or a scoop, you really can’t lose.

The current Ace offering is:

Esperança: Rubi, Brasil

About Esperança Rubi:

For generations now, the Souzas have been doing things a bit differently in Brasil. Bruno Souza works the land in the same way as his father, picking coffee only when it is at its peak, processing cherries carefully in small batches, and ultimately striving for the best coffee he can produce – not just the most coffee he can produce.

This offering comes from the section of the Esperança farm planted with the Rubi variety of coffee. The dwarf Mundo Novo x Catuai hybrid is prized in this region for its suitability to the climate of the Brasilian cerrado, and we love it for its intensely sweet flavor profile.

Highlighting this sweetness is Bruno’s use of an uncommon processing method for this lot. Instead of picking this coffee when traditionally ripe, Bruno leaves this coffee on the tree until it dries naturally, like a raisin. By leaving the coffee hanging, he believes that the protection of leaf cover along with air exposure on all sides of the cherry creates the perfect environment for producing a natural coffee. Once partially dried, the cherries are picked and finished on a special mesh-lined clay patio, which helps buffer swings in humidity and temperature as the coffee completes its drying cycle.

Harvested: Summer 2019

Variety: Rubi

Location: Campos Altos, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Tastes like: cherry, navel orange, milk chocolate

Grown by: Bruno de Oliveira Sidney de Souza

Processing Method: Natural

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