Top 8 Secrets of Brewing Delicious Coffee at Home Like a Pro

For many of us, the best part of waking up is a piping hot mug of coffee!

No matter how much we love to get our morning cuppa from our favorite specialty café every day, you gotta admit that it’s neither pocket-friendly nor convenient. Reality Check, eh!

Never mind. A true coffee lover can go to any extent to sip their morning cup of sunshine. Even if it means brewing coffee at home. Bean Commerce is here to make things easier. If you are an amateur at the art of coffee-making or seeking some expert advice for brewing coffee at home, here are some tips!

1. Beans – Buy freshly roasted, whole bean coffee. If possible, avoid buying grounded coffee from the grocery store. Here’s why. Coffee is a perishable product and hence it has a short shelf life. Check the roast date of coffee and make sure to use your coffee within 3 weeks to one month of buying. For more information on tips to choose the best coffee beans refer to this guide. (Hyperlink to the other blog)

2. Storage – Store the coffee in a dry, air-tight, and clean container or jar. Keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight. Never store your coffee in a refrigerator. The coffee can absorb the aromas of other food items if kept in a refrigerator.

3. Grinding- If you want your coffee to taste great every time, never forget this thumb rule. Grind your coffee beans just before you are ready to brew your coffee.

Additionally, only grind as much coffee as you need. Coffee tastes best when it is brewed and consumed within 15 minutes of grinding. Also, make sure that you grind the coffee beans evenly. Consistency is the key.

4. Grinders – It’s necessary to use the right grinder for getting a perfect consistency and even grinding. There are two types of grinders available- Burr and Blade. Out of the two, Blade grinders are more affordable. But if you are a serious coffee lover, please wait before you make a decision.

Quality never comes cheap. It is said that Coffee grounds in Burr grinders are more evenly grounded as compared to Blade grinders. Hence it provides better consistency which is essential for a tasteful cup of coffee. If you are a beginner, start with a handheld Burr grinder.

5. Ratio- The coffee to water ratio primarily depends on one’s taste preferences. It ranges from 1 part coffee to 12,15,20 or even 30 parts of water. We recommend deciding as per your taste.
Pro Tip: If you need a starting point, you may try 1 part coffee to 20 parts of water as a commonly preferred scale. In case you are making a big batch of coffee, you may use 60 gms grounded coffee per liter and scale it further as needed.

6. Paper filters- Instead of reusable filters that come with coffee-making equipment, use unbleached paper filters. They do a much better job.

7. Water- Quality of water is the key to an outstanding coffee. A cup of coffee is approximately 98% water! Thus, it is extremely important that the water you use for brewing coffee, should be filtered and odour-free. The ideal temperature of water for brewing coffee is between 195 °F-205 °F.

Pro Tip: Let the water sit for 30 seconds off the heat before you mix it with coffee.

8. Extraction- The taste of your coffee would also depend on the extraction method along with various other factors like quantity and quality of beans, water temperature, brewing time and grind. There are several ways of brewing coffee. The two most broad categories are explained below.

Percolation-In simple words it’s known as the “Pour-Over” method. In this process, hot water passes through a bed of ground coffee. This helps to release any carbon dioxide left from the coffee after the roasting process. Aero Press & Espresso machines follow the same method.

Infusion- In this method, ground Coffee is soaked in hot water for a particular time duration for brewing. A typical example of such a method is the French Press.

Choose your method according to your choice of coffee.

Now you are all equipped with the right information about brewing delicious coffee at home. Log on to Bean Commerce website and shop brew-tiful coffee online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Stay Less-Stressed, Blessed & Coffee Obsessed!

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