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  • Red Rooster Coffee Waxwing Blend

    Red Rooster Coffee Waxwing Blend 12 oz.

    $16.85 or subscribe and save 5%

    Roasted to the darker side of medium, this versatile blend pulls double duty as a great option for espresso and filter coffee. A truly all-purpose coffee! When used as espresso, expect dark chocolate along with smooth, buttery caramel.  When brewed as drip coffee, you’ll still get plenty of rich, dark chocolate but also nougat and citrus-like sweetness.

  • Methodical Play Nice Blend

    Methodical Play Nice Blend 12 oz.

    $18.85 or subscribe and save 5%

    We wanted to create a blend that would be friendly to everyones taste. A coffee that would taste great as espresso, be pleasant as morning cup of drip coffee, and stand up well in your espresso + milk. This is currently consisting of our Colombia Frontera De Planadas and our natural Ethiopia Guji.

  • Revelator Coffee Company Pale Rider Decaf

    Revelator Coffee Company Pale Rider Decaf 12 oz.

    $18.85 or subscribe and save 5%

    Red apple, caramel, and milk chocolate character. Balanced, sweet, clean, and easy-going. Rotating seasonal lots from Colombia.

  • Methodical Colombia, Cauca - Decaf

    Methodical Colombia, Cauca – Decaf 12 oz.

    $18.85 or subscribe and save 5%

    Decaf gets kind of a bad rap. We want to change that. The decaf we’ve selected is processed using the E.A. method, a natural process which maintains the coffee’s integrity during decaffeination. The E.A. process includes soaking the unroasted coffee in a solution of water and Ethyl Acetate (E.A.) to bond to the caffeine, extracting it out of the bean. Once all the caffeine is out, the bean is steamed to remove residual E.A., and voila! You’ve got decaf, baby! Once it gets to us, it’s roasted to bring out the best, and to suit a great many taste buds. We’ve created a coffee with classic flavors, but with a deep and surprising complexity.

  • Boxcar Coffee Roasters Decaf Colombia 10.5 oz.

    $15.00 or subscribe and save 5%

    This coffee is from the Caldas region of Colombia. It is decaffeinated using the ethyl acetate, a naturally occurring compound and solvent which is derived through fermenting sugar cane. We like this process because it leaves the origin character more intact than other methods are requires less energy usage as the processing is done in Colombia before transport to the US.

  • Methodical Colombia Frontera De Planadas

    Methodical Colombia, Frontera De Planadas

    $17.85 or subscribe and save 5%

    If you’re a coffee drinker, chances are you’ve had a Colombian coffee. Probably several Colombian coffees, in fact. The nutty flavor profile lends itself well to an everyday cup, making it a popular choice for most coffee heads. Our Frontera De Planadas is everything we love about Colombian coffee – baking spice warmth and caramel sweetness with a light, tangy acidity. This is a coffee for the long haul, a Colombian coffee with complexity and character to boot.